The majesty of God's Intricate plan will astound you as you discover...

  • The one-week period of, and the probable date for, the birth of Jesus Christ, and why it is important
  • Mary and Joseph as real people, navigating tough decisions
  • What the Star of Bethlehem was and it's divinely-directed timing
... and more!
Behold Your King
Saving America One Family at a Time

Most enter ministry excited to be called to be a "Fisher of Men" by our Lord. Often, we envision a commercial fishing vessel and developing a large, well trained crew to manage the great haul we anticipate. In this enthusiasm it is too easy to miss the fact that the most important fish you will ever catch are your own children, and the call to train new fishermen begins again with our own children.

  • "This book expresses my thoughts as well as any person could. It hits the nail on the head and is so practical and biblical." Roy Hayden, PH.D.



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